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A piece of the write-up from the personal viewpoint of an author is called an essay. Essays are non-fictitious, subjective and expository. Following are some general advice that a student should follow:

  1. As soon as the topic of the essay is allotted, students should begin the thinking process. If they do not spend time in thinking, they will miss some functional information while doing their research work. Commencing the essay early will give them a chance to draft their essays twice, talk to their teachers about it, and submit the final draft before the due date set by the teacher.
  2. It is necessary to gather information that is apt. Students should go to the library and gather a pile of books and then read them.
  3. They also need to implement a premeditated method so as to read persistently and put together a set of questions prior to reading.
  4. It is important to check the notes provided by the teacher but the students cannot rely on them for each and every source of information. They need to use the productive sources like newspapers, books, journals, and the internet.
  5. Whilst doing the research, students should jot down the relevant points in a separate notebook. This tactic will ease their mind because they would not have to stress to remember small points.

Writing an essay is a skill and majority of the students fail in composing one. Students generally encounter a lot of challenges while writing an essay. Some of them are written below:

  1. Students are not able to provide a proper structure to their essay. They do not follow the correct format and thus, lose marks.
  2. Writing problems usually stems from poor reading exercises. Students skip the part of reading effectively. They should be familiar with the literature on the topic of their essay.
  3. Phrasing creative ideas into words is glossed-over when compared to developing a rational argument.

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